Roxy Downs Area SchoolRoxy Downs Area School

Staff Directory 2018

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Executive Leadership:

Principal Annette Williams
Deputy Principal Ann O'Sullivan
Assistant Principal R-6 Julie Greenfield
Assistant Principal 7-12 Belinda Ramsey


Junior School Ally Christall
Primary School Di Bennett
Middle School Cyrus Weir
Senior School Georgia Boylan
STEM Sarah Bennett
Wellbeing Beth Elliott

Teaching Staff

Junior Primary Teacher Mary O'Hara
Junior Primary Teacher Bev Zeptner
Junior Primary Teacher Steph Richter
Junior Primary Teacher Ally Christall
Junior Primary Teacher Alana Frazier
Junior Primary Teacher Kathy Hoffmann
Junior Primary Teacher Hannah Dyson
Junior Primary Teacher Madeline Williams
Junior Primary Teacher Danielle Thiele
Junior Primary Teacher Naomi Bowley
JP / Primary Teacher Courtney Searle
JP / Primary Teacher Mel Sharp
JP / Primary Teacher Amanda Trasy
Primary Teacher Kylie McHugh
Primary Teacher Ryan Alchin
Primary Teacher Ellie O'Dea
Primary Teacher Maia Jones
Primary Teacher Adrian Verrier
Primary Teacher Kelli Hersey
Primary Teacher Cerys Kirkwood
Primary Teacher (Arts) Di Bennett
Spanish Teacher Laura Cereceda
Teacher Librarian Lisa Hassan
Student Inclusion Facilitator Kate Pedersen
Learning Hub Class Teacher Kiara Yates
Learning Hub Class Teacher Alice Carter
Aboriginal Education / Secondary Teacher Nardene Montgomerie
Secondary Teacher Adrian Friedel
Secondary Teacher Ali Knights
Secondary Teacher Cyrus Weir
Secondary Teacher Megan Renshaw
Secondary Teacher Teagan Mudge
Secondary Teacher David Konstantinoff
Secondary Teacher Kelsey Hampel
Secondary Teacher Samantha Whitington
Secondary Teacher Owen Lamb
Secondary Teacher Britt Hall
Secondary Teacher Shanam Khurana
Secondary Teacher (Home Ec) Claire Meatheringham
Secondary Teacher (Art) Kristy Mackenzie
Secondary Teacher Gary Riebeling
Secondary Teacher (Tech Studies) Ian Turner
Student Counsellor / Secondary Teacher Kate Bennie

School Support Officers (SSO)

Finance Officer Annie Uhlik  
Administration Bev McKenna  
Administration Lorraine McEvoy  
Administration Julie Golding  
Administration / First Aid Kendal Secker  
Computer Systems Manager Chris Barry  
Information Technology Trainee Sax Brougham  
Aboriginal Community Education Officer Sandy Gibb  
Resource Centre Emma Gigney  
Laboratory Officer Lorraine Pike  
Classroom Support Elke Parks  
Classroom Support Annette Speck  
Classroom Support Wendy Kruger  
Classroom Support Donna Haugum  
Classroom Support Kelly Brougham  
Classroom Support Kira Griggs  
Classroom Support Sam Cradock  
Classroom Support Heather Konstantinoff  
Classroom Support Bec Smith  
Classroom Support Jane Gloster  
Classroom Support Jodie-Ann Fereti  
Classroom Support Tamisha Caddy  
Classroom Support Jess Mengersen  
Classroom Support Emma Nielson  
Classroom Support Kirstin Freeman  
Classroom Support Mel Bird  
Classroom Support Daniel Jackson  
Classroom Support Libby Searle  
Grounds Staff Steve Marsh (GSE)