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**Our BYOD Policies are currently under review during Term 1 2019**

BYOD in Year 3-6

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Letter Home November 2015

Purchasing Portal (now including 7-12) -

Over the past three years, Roxby Downs Area School has invested in Apple iPads for engagement, creativity, inquiry-based learning and differentiated instruction in classes, as well as to integrate the ICT capability of the Australian Curriculum. During this time, iPad’s have proved to be a valuable tool to aide learning, and empowers the learner to engage in transformative learning experiences. These iPads (currently 60), are shared across the school from R-12, with the most use coming from Primary classes.

The main drawback of having to share these devices is that iPads are designed for single users.  For example, if a teacher wants students to make a video, they have to write down the number of the iPad because they have to go back to the same device. Sometimes content will disappear as a result of the iPad being used by many other classes throughout the school.  It is challenging in an organisational capacity to manage this process, and it also means the iPads are not always available for the students to use.

Most schools around the state and country have been forced to adopt BYOD programs in varying capacities with a range of devices, as Federal and State funding has been cut for ICT since the completion of Digital Education Revolution funding. As such, RDAS decided to implement a BYOD strategy for students in years 7-12 at the beginning of 2015 and expanded this to Year 3 students in Term 2 of 2016, with a view that each year, beginning Year 3 students will participate in the BYOD program, so that by 2018, all year levels from 3-6 will be have 1:1 iPad’s.

It is important that you understand that the iPad does not replace traditional pen and paper activities. We still believe there is a place for traditional texts and writing skills today and in the future. The iPad is used during certain times in the day and when needed to support student learning. Students will still be interacting with each other face-to-face during class times. Parents will be provided with a list of Apps early in Term 1, these will not change significantly from year to year.

Minimum Requirements for the Device:

Earlier versions of iPads may work but the experience for students may not be as seamless.

**Our BYOD Policies are currently under review during Term 1 2019**

BYOD in 7-12

Purchasing Portal Links

Dell - CompNow

Our BYOD program has been in place at Roxby Downs Area School since the beginning of 2015. Due to aging equipment and limited funding to replace hardware, we are closing 2 dedicated computer rooms at the end of 2015. This will limit access to ICT for students who do not bring a device to school, excluding specialist subjects such as CAD, Photography, Media Arts and STEM.

We have a recommended device from Dell for students, however students are welcome to bring any device they choose provided the battery can last the school day, it connects to the schools network, and has a keyboard. Students can get their device checked by making a time with the schools IT team.

We have recently made changes to the way BYO devices are configured for school use. Students are provided a filtered internet connection, web-based access to the schools file server, and printer access. The full Microsoft office 365 suite of programs is available for all students free of charge, and are able to install it on up to 5 devices at a time, this includes 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage. Students can also request access to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products if required for school use. If students are enrolled in a STEM/CAD class, Autodesk provide their applications free of charge from their website

Our purchasing portals for our recommended BYOD device is now live and available at the links above. The devices are available for outright purchase, as well as Interest Free and rental options. Accidental Damage Plans for the Laptop can also be purchased as well as a laptop case if you choose. All laptops will be delivered to the School and we will notify you once your equipment has arrived and is available for pick up.

As this is your device, you are free to configure the device to meet your own personal needs at home, with additional software as you wish.

Please contact the school if you have any queries or questions in relation to BYOD.

Recommended Minimum Requirements

**Tip if purchasing devices - Devices with an "SSD" hard drive, although having less storage per $, they will run faster and have improved battery life.

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