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Happy Holidays to All - School returns on the 29th January 2018

About Our School

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Roxby Downs is a great place to live. We have an outstanding school and we are very proud and passionate about the quality of the educational experiences we offer our students.

Roxby Downs Area School is a South Australian State Government school conducted by the Department of Education and Child Development. It was established in 1987 to support the newly created Olympic Dam mine and continues to adapt to its dynamic growth.

Roxby Downs Area School is located in the heart of the Roxby Downs township and caters for Years R-12. It shares facilities with the local TAFE and during school hours we share facilities with the Leisure Centre, ovals and tennis courts.

The school has excellent teaching facilities including the recently opened Desert Trade Training Centre (DESTTC), 2 Science Laboratories, 3 Computer Suites, Computer Aided Design Studio, Art Room, Music Room, Drama Room, Library and Open Access Facilities. A school hall is also operational and caters for community needs outside school hours.

The school population has grown from 100 in 1987 to over 620 in 2017. Years 4-12 students from Andamooka travel by bus to school.

In 2017 Roxby Downs Area School has approximatley 90 members of staff, including over 55 teaching staff. Of the current school population of around 626, approximately 388 students are in primary school (R-6) and 238 are secondary (7-12).

Our Vision statement is 'Empowering all to reach their potential'.